About Me

Hey there! I am Simon DeMartini, a computer nerd with a wide variety of skills. My love for computers stem from a passion of open source systems and communities, user experience and design, as well as software development. In my (limited) spare time, I thoroughly enjoy breaking fixing things all things computer related to see how they work.

Currently, I am a Computer Science & Systems major at the University of Washington Tacoma, planned to graduate in Fall 2017. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or check out my Github page.

Projects, Awards & Experience

Created user-centered mockups and wireframes for a proposal to redesign the UW Tacoma Financial Aid website. All design decisions were based on our own research methods, and I was responsible for conducting usability studies and an online ethnography of users for the site.

Planned and created a drawing program from scratch in Java. Utilized Java’s Swing GUI library, as well as Actions, Listeners, Class Inheritance and 2D Graphics.

Organized and managed a team of 5 people to create a Java based Android application. It calculates a rough estimate of a user’s Blood Alcohol Content after consumption using the Widmark formula.

My role was primarily to program the main views and controls for the app. I also introduced git to the team and managed the group repository.

Helped refine the themes, and optimized how the user interacts with the site. Utilized git for version control, languages HTML/CSS, Javascript, and, frameworks such as Bootstrap, and node.js.

Awarded for leadership in creating, and implementing a large set of stairs and walkway for community use. I managed groups of 10-20 people and gathered necessary monetary and material donations from community members worth over $700. I was also responsible for directing the construction of the structure with necessary help from contractors and community members totaling 160 man hours.